Royal Full Service Hair Salon


“I have been going to Ms Christina for over 10 years, never had not oneproblem with my hair since then. Im so please with on how ms Christina styles my hair even though my hairline is very thin. When i walk out the salon, I receive numerious compliments. What I value the most of the salon is that its a lively and friendly place to get my hair done and for me to look good when i walk out is a great feeling.”
Cash Office Manager –Perm/touch-up &Style
“I’ve been with going to the Ms Christina for at least 10 years and my hair has not come out not even once. I’ve been getting my braided before ffrom many salons and it was either too tight, painful, and most of all my hair would be come out gradually. Since been with Christina, My hair is much fuller, healther, and it grows. She braiding my hair and dont feel yanking, pain at all. I even fell asleep many time while she’s braiding my hair!!! Im very happy with the professional braiding service and I havent twice or even once on going to a different salon.”
–Candace. Mac
Teacher –Braids
“Hi I’m Anita and Christina at Full Service Hair Salon has been styling my hair for over 20 years. I have strayed away a couple times and wasn’t satisfied, therefore I’ll never stray again.”
International AR Specialist –Braids
“Full Service Hair salon is indeed a salon I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a professional hair style. The atmosphere is very friendly and accommodating when requiring special appointments. My hair is really damage that it almost bald. ms. Christina is a blessing to my hair. I would have never believe my hair can turn out so beautiful and natural. and to top it all, I get alot of compliments! Rest assured, when you leave the shop, you will feel very confident. I think Full Service Hair Salon is a salon that everyone desires.“
Melinda. P,
Flight Attendant –Net Weave
“I have been a customer of Fullservice hair salon for 6 years. Christine is the best hair dresser anyone can wish for. she always goes above and beyond to attend to my needs. She is very knowledgeable about hair and her work is very clean and well done. I feel good about myself and the way I look everytime I leave the salon. i like the personal attention and knowledge she brings. i also like how I feel comfortable around her. I highly recommend herto anyone and would not replace her for the world.” -a satisfied customer
Hindt .A.W.
Chemical Engineer –Net Weave, Hair
Replacement, Lace Front Wig
“I’ve been going to the Ms. christina for over a year and I am so bless of the great service i receive. The enivronment is so peace full of fun from Laura and from Christina. Its like she in sync with what i have in mind for my hair. What I value the most about the salon is that it ispeace, great companship, open and caring people, and most of all beautiful hairstyle always.”
–Sande Lornes
International AR Specialist –Net Weave
“What I love about Christina is that she always takes her time to make sure I am satisfied with my hair. If I’m concerned about something, she will take her timeto make it right until i am happy. She is a true professional stylist. I value her work. Its flawless and beautiful. Iget a weave from her that last until I take it down. MY weave stay tight until its time for me to take it down and redo it. I’ve been going to her for over 15 years and I ready for the years to keep on rolling lol”
–Carmen Woods
Registered Nurse –Full Head Weave
“My experience with Christina has always been excellent. I’ve been going for 16 years and my hair is healthier then it has ever been. There has been a time that I’m like cut my own hair off because it just to much hair lol but christina talked me out of it since she grew my hair. She doesnt specialized in removing health hair now lol. What I value the most about christina is that she gives great quality hairstyles with products to improve hair scalp, and most of all the atomsphere between us is peaceful, joyful, and stressfree. –Janet Lemelle
Nurse –Net Weave,
Braids, Hair replacement, Lace Front Wig